Lesson Payments

Here you can pay for your Dance Tech, Musical Theatre and Street Dance classes. These classes are all paid monthly at a flat rate. Just select the class(es) which you attend and click to pay with PayPal or a debit card. You can also select to pay for more than one at a time.

Dance Tech

Primary, Junior and Senior groups. Flat monthly fee.


Musical Theatre

Primary, Junior and Senior groups Flat monthly fee.


Street Dance

Junior and Senior groups Flat monthly fee.


New Starter

1 off payment for new students only, when joining part way through a month. Please contact us before making this purchase.


Cell Block Tango additional class

Additional class for upper seniors to rehearse extra show routine. Please only purchase this class on the weeks you are required to attend (this info can be found on your rehearsal schedule).


To book a Mini Stars class, please click here.

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